Staying on Top is now taking submissions from non-binary creators and authors to be published on the blog. You may submit on any trans/non-binary or trans/non-binary-adjacent topic as long as it meets our submission terms and conditions below. If your work is published on the blog I will pay you $50. Submissions that explore realms of experience not already covered on the blog – childhood, aging, the intersection of gender and race, being non-binary in a different way etc. are especially welcome. You don’t have to be a professional artist/writer, you just have to have something to say.

Terms and Conditions
1. This blog is read all over the world, by people who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Submissions that encourage hate towards any identity group, or that are written in exclusionary language will not be accepted.
2. The decision on whether or not a piece will be published is the sole discretion of Staying on Top.
3. You will be notified if your work will not be published, or when it is going to be published – if you have not heard back, that means I am waiting for a good moment to publish. If you would like to be notified/published by a particular date, please let me know on the submission form.
4. If your work is published I will pay $50 to the venmo address provided, or to the charity of your choice within one week of publication.
5. If I ask for edits to your submission you can choose whether to make them or not, but not making them may result in your work not being published.
6. There is no guarantee that you will be able to edit your submission after it has been received.
7. Your work may be taken down at any time at the discretion of Staying on Top – transphobic or prejudiced behavior in other spaces may result in your work being removed from this site. You may also request that your work is removed from the site.
8. If your work is accepted you will be recognized as a “guest author,” if three or more submissions are accepted you will be recognized as a “contributing author.”
9. Any attempt to plagiarize in your submission will result in your work being rejected. We will also attempt to inform the original owner of the material.
10. Submissions offered to this site may not be published or submitted for publication elsewhere, including on your own website.

Got all that? Then I’d love to hear from you!