All Change!

Friends, I think I’m going to have to drop my level of updating this blog. I’m really glad it’s been so useful to so many people, but it’s the holidays, and I’m trying to meet some pretty intense writing targets, and there just isn’t so much to say anymore. I’m going to drop to every other day, and see how it goes from there.

That said today IS a big day, because I finally get to take off the compression vest! My skin can breathe again! I have a neckline! …and you know what? I look great!

A lot of the swelling has gone down, and while the graft sites still have a lot of healing to do, everything looks like it’s healing nicely. I no-longer have to wear the giant abdominal pad bandages either – just the small telfa pads taped over the graft. Skip this next sentence if you’re squeamish, but if you feel under my armpits now you can feel a ridge of internal scar tissue where the line for the drain was.

The other reason that I’m dropping down to fewer blog posts is that I’m getting tired of fixating on the day-to-day changes of healing. I have to accept that this is going to be slow and is going to take time. I feel like I need to let my body do its own thing for a bit, while I take care of my friends, and my relationships, and my job next year… and these two cats who seem to think that life should be one long game of chase-the-tail. But seriously, when you experience dysphoria, or an eating disorder (which I used to and now do not), you get to be wary of any habit that leads to staring at yourself in the mirror trying obsessively to figure out if your body is doing good or bad things or not. On the other hand, staring at the mirror going “I look cool!”? I’m totally into that part.

Talk to you soon, and happy holidays to all of you celebrating.


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