Two Days


This morning a very sweet gay friend of mine posted a video of straight United Methodist pastors reading some of the comments offered to gay pastors in their churches. The pastors reading were shocked, and saddened by comments like “I don’t want any of those people in my church,” and comparisons drawn between gay couples and “normal” families. The effort was touching, but also – I felt – a rather watered down version of what people actually say to LGBTQIA folks on the daily.

So I went through my facebook notifications from the last two days and pulled some of the content. I have not included arguments about the current US Supreme Court debate over LGBTQIA rights because I wanted to be strict about the two-day limit. This means that this is just the standard, normal content of my facebook at this historical moment.

All of these comments are from facebook content that was active in the last few days. Some of them are samples from thousands of comments, some are selected from just a few comments, and some are post content. Everything is sourced from mainstream, left-wing journalism. I have not offered posts that are dependent on pictures or specific community language in order to understand their content. I don’t specifically search facebook for queer content – this is just what comes up on my newsfeed as I go about my business keeping up with my life and my friends.

I offer this post mostly for my straight and cis readers who do not regularly engage with queer content, so you can have some idea what it’s like to facebook as queer. If this shocks you, please believe me that this is normal. If this saddens you, or angers you, please stand up against this hate when you hear it – however it arrives.


On Always products removing the “female” symbol from their packaging:

OMG!! The product is for menstruating women with a physical need. Nonbinary etc. aren’t really affected
It is a female that identifies as a man, every cell of her body is female. She chooses ( and I respect) to live as a man. But you can not deny nature.
If you’ve gone through the lengths you need to go to transition from female to male but still menstruate you shouldn’t be so easily triggered by a symbol on the box. And if menstruating in itself messes with their head, take some birth control pills! There are so many options that virtually if not totally eliminate your monthly cycle. Ps I also have never noticed the symbol. If you look for stuff to be upset or offended by you can always find it
It was removed because a bunch of crazies were offended by a cartoon on the box.
If they need to use this, OBVIOUSLY it’s because they are WOMEN! Unless men will start to get their periods too
I’m never buying from them again.”
“They should put a picture of a Cat and Dog and triple their business”

From a preacher and police man in Tennessee:

“God has instilled the power of civil government to send the police in 2019 out to the LGBT freaks and arrest them and have a trial for them, and if they are convicted, then they are to be put to death,”
“We have a bunch of them we’re going to get convicted because they have all their pride junk on, and they’re professing what they are, that they’re a filthy animal,”
“Fritts will not be fired over possible lawsuits based on First Amendment grounds. ‘We looked at every avenue we could look at without violating anybody’s First Amendment rights (and) freedom of speech and the best thing for us was what we did,’ he said. ‘And that’s what we’re sticking with.'”

From Texas

“A 22-year-old man who admitted to police that he shot a trans woman multiple times has been released on bail from Dallas County Jail.”

On Drag Queen Story Hour:

In the first place, he/she/it would scare me to death, let alone a youngster … this does not belong in a public learning place. Children will see all of the chosen lifestyles of our world as they mature – a better time for them to digest it and form their own opinions. Let them be innocent and pure children while they can be – the ugliness of today’s world will come soon enough!
Any one who would bring a child to an event like this is sicker than the folks who promoted “story-time,” and the story teller himself! Absolutely not age appropriate for children.
Some kids find clowns horribly scary. If parents these days ask their babies for permission to hug them, shouldn’t they also ask permission to take them to a clown reading?
I find it interesting that these _______ say they want to be accepted, yet they present themselves as the scariest off putting people. Why do you want your kids to have nightmares? Just stating the obvious.

On Chick Fil A and their anti LGBTQIA activity

Their food is so delicious, I would eat there even if they had an explicit policy of discrimination against me specifically.”
“Stop adding useless letters please, first it was lgbt.
Good food, great service, no discrimination, family friendly, and God-honoring. No wonder Chick-fil-A is so incredibly successful and will be for many years to come. God bless them!
Companies have the rights to support what causes they want!!! I’m sick of the alphabet community’s bullying!

On Gay Pride in Uganda – where a “Kill the Gays” bill, backed by Chick Fil A is gaining ground:

Alexa play the funeral march, lol”




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